At Skyborn, we value partnerships for their role in driving successful offshore wind projects that deliver strong business cases and contribute to the clean energy transition.

Collaborative partnerships can accelerate the future of offshore wind energy by combining capabilities with like-minded partners. Our mission to enable a clean energy supply for future generations requires partners with strong technical capabilities, financial strength, and local knowledge. Together, we leverage our strengths and expertise to create a sustainable future. We are committed to delivering innovative solutions and are proud of our partnerships in achieving a cleaner, greener future.

Our extensive network of suppliers and local partners enables us to develop customized solutions for every project we undertake, ensuring they are economically viable with high acceptance and minimal impact on the environment.

By working together, we can create innovative solutions that make offshore wind energy accessible to governments, utilities, businesses, and communities around the world.

Our successful partnerships

Skyborn, together with EDF RE & EIH (Enbridge & CPP Investments), is proud to have been awarded for both Fécamp and Calvados offshore wind farms, which will be commissioned in 2023 and 2025 respectively. The partnership between the three players was signed in 2012, in order to bid for the first French call for tenders for offshore wind. Skyborn brought to the consortium its deep knowledge of the projects area: in fact, Skyborn initiated and developed both projects from 2008. Good synergies between the actors made the consortium successful during the tender phase and project execution. The whole team is now really proud to see the projects being built and soon commissioned.

For more information visit the projects’ websites or get in touch to learn more about partnering with us: