What we do


At Skyborn, we focus on accelerating the energy transition with offshore wind solutions. We do this through partnerships: with other developers, with suppliers and with customers.

Your partner throughout the project life cycle

As your dedicated offshore wind partner, our capabilities cover the entire offshore wind value chain, including greenfield development, engineering and design, procurement, financing, corporate power purchase agreements and construction, as well as operations and asset management. From a development standpoint, we have a long history as a greenfield developer. We have experience developing and preparing leases of land and seabed, and designing offshore wind power plants in accordance with national and international standards. We secure permits, arrange financing, procure equipment and secure projects which are then built and operated according to industry standards and with an excellent health and safety performance. We provide renewable energy to governments, utilities, businesses and communities. As a pure offshore wind power partner, we are in a unique position to provide end-to-end solutions to the market.