Skyborn Sweden

Skyborn Sweden


Skyborn Renewables Sweden AB is a wholly owned company of Skyborn Renewables, a pioneer and leading offshore wind power developer and operator with more than 20 years’ experience and a track record of more than 7 GW built, approved or under procurement around the globe to date.

Skyborn Sweden was established in 2002 with the development of the Krieger’s Flak offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea, located on the Swedish-Danish-German border. The project was later divested to Vattenfall Wind.

Since then, Skyborn Sweden has stayed committed and accumulated over 20 years of Swedish offshore wind power development expertise and experience, resulting in today's strong portfolio with favourable located projects. The projects are developed in close cooperation with national authorities, political decision makers, regional businesses and local stakeholders. We recognise collaboration and local commitment to be key as we strive to develop highly profitable and socially sustainable projects.

Sweden has excellent wind conditions, a coast almost 2,400 km long, shallow depths and mild oceanographic conditions. The competitive technical prerequisites, together with the demand from rapid and radical electrification of industries, such as steel and iron, batteries and SAF, and which are expected to double the current electricity need from 140 TWh to +300 TWh by 2040, provides excellent conditions for large-scale offshore wind projects.

Navigating the Swedish market, our business is characterised by commitment, progress, innovation and consistency – valuing our partnerships and always seeking new opportunities.


Skyborn Sweden is actively seeking opportunities to partner, acquire or finance other promising offshore wind projects with various industry players, ranging from developers, energy distribution companies and/or transmission companies, and various other players. Skyborn’s project pipeline assures access to turbines from the best manufacturers. Together with renowned financial institutions, we have established solid financing concepts with a steady stream of capital.


    With a project pipeline of +10 GW in various stages of development, Skyborn Sweden aims to contribute to the transition of heavy industries and the transport sector to reach Sweden’s goal of becoming the world’s first fossil-free welfare state and reaching net-zero emissions by 2045.

      Storgrundet Offshore

      Storgrundet Offshore is located in the Bothnian Sea, nearly 15 km from the coast in the municipality of Gävle and Söderhamn. Storgrundet is estimated to produce approximately 3–3.5 TWh of electricity per year, helping to secure electricity supply for regional industries and creating new openings for regional development.


      • No. of WTGmax. 51
      • Capacity1,020 MW
      • COD2029
      • Production3–3.5 TWh annually
      • StatusPermit application handed in for approval

      Eystrasalt Offshore

      Eystrasalt Offshore is located in the Bothnian Sea, approx. 60 km from the municipality of Hudiksvall. Eystrasalt is one of Sweden’s largest offshore projects to date, estimated to produce approximately 15 TWh of electricity per year.


      • No. of WTGmax. 256
      • Capacity3,900 MW
      • COD2032
      • Production15 TWh annually
      • StatusPermit application handed in for approval

      Fyrskeppet Offshore

      Fyrskeppet Offshore is located in the county of Uppsala, approx. 50 km off the coast in the Bothnian Sea. Fully developed, the project can produce 8–11 TWh per year, contributing to the electrification of the Stockholm metropolitan area.


      • No. of WTGmax. 215
      • Capacity2,800 MW
      • COD2030
      • Production8–11 TWh annually
      • StatusPermit application

      Polargrund Offshore

      Polargrund Offshore is located in the northern Gulf of Bothnia, approx. 33 km from the coast in the municipality of Kalix. The wind farm is expected to produce 9–10 TWh of electricity per year. In response to the large demand for hydrogen in the county of Norrbotten, Skyborn is also investigating the possibility for offshore decentralised hydrogen production.


      • No. of WTG70–120
      • Capacity3,000 MW
      • Production9–10 TWh electricity or 200,000 tons of hydrogen annually
      • StatusPermit application


      Together with Lhyfe, Skyborn Renewables plans to build one of Europe’s largest hydrogen plants in Söderhamn, Sweden, called SoutH2Port. The hydrogen plant is expected to produce approximately 240 tons of hydrogen per day, or 88,000 tons annually. The hydrogen can later be further refined into various types of electrofuels to reduce the climate footprint of aviation, shipping or agriculture.


      • Capacity600 MW
      • Hydrogen potential88,000 tons annually
      • StatusEarly permitting