Skyborn Sweden submits permit application for Polargrund offshore wind farm

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Key project for the green growth in the Norrbotten area: 3,000 MW Polargrund Offshore wind farm, located 35 kilometers off the coast, south of Kalix and Haparanda

Meike Wulfers

Head of Corporate Communications

  • Application to build 3,000 MW Polargrund offshore wind farm
  • Generation of up to 10 TWh electricity or 200,000 tons of green hydrogen when fully developed
  • Key project for the green growth in the Norrbotten area

Skyborn Sweden (Skyborn) today submitted a permit application to the Swedish government and Land and Environment court for the construction of the 3,000 MW Polargrund Offshore wind farm. Located 35 kilometers off the coast, south of Kalix and Haparanda, Polargund Offshore is expected to generate up to 10 TWh fossil-free electricity upon completion. This clean energy will be enough to power over seven percent of Sweden's current electricity consumption. It will be vital for meeting the surging demand from Norrbotten's rapidly expanding industries that are transitioning to cleaner operations. Some projections forecast an unprecedented 800% increase in the region's power needs.

“Polargrund Offshore is a key project for realizing the business sector's expansive development plans in Norrbotten and enabling Sweden’s move towards net-zero emissions. As the developer of Sweden's northernmost offshore wind farm, we are committed to overcoming the unique challenges of constructing such a large-scale project in an arctic environment,” says Niclas Broman, CEO of Skyborn Sweden.

Sweden's overall electricity needs are projected to at least double in the coming decades. This is driven largely by the electrification of heavy industries across the country. Access to clean, reliable electricity is essential for these industries to achieve their sustainability goals.

With Polargrund, Skyborn strengthens its commitment to a robust Swedish energy system. The company's Swedish portfolio now encompasses four offshore wind farms with a combined potential annual output of approximately 40 TWh.

About Polargrund Offshore

Capacity: 3,000 MW

Production: Approximately 9-10 TWh electricity or 200,000 tons of green hydrogen per year

Location: Territorial waters in Kalix municipality and in Sweden's economic zone, around 35 kilometers south of Kalix

Application: Permit application in accordance with the Environmental code and law on Sweden’s economic zone (EEZ)

Visualization from Frevisören near Kalix coast

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